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"Bhartiyneer did a superb job of designing and setting up Hotel the ummeid Web site. Throughout the process, everyone I deal with was pleasant, open-minded, and highly professional, and the result of their efforts was an attractive, useful site that fit my needs exactly."

Mr. Praveen Shelly
ED, Hotel the Ummeid

Bhartiyneer is committed to stay to the highest standards of delivery to its clients, encouraging at all times the associated approach with clients, and maintaining integrity and direction in what is offered.

A Complete Design &
Production House

Bhartiyneer has been founded and continues to manage with a single minded dedication to provide cost effective quality Internet and Graphical solutions.

Core Values
Bhartiyneer performs the following commandments as its core values to reach its goals.

Client Focused
As a business bhartiyneer have one belief - our service and one God - our client.

Bhartiyneer believe in our company values, and we have the courage to discover new markets, to develop new technology and to make the difficult conclusions.

Dedication and Loyalty
Bhartiyneer is dedicated to providing its service for the life of its customer and their business. We are devoted and loyal to our clients.

It is our solid commitment to shine in every aspect of our business.

Bhartiyneer create a friendly and fun oriented work atmosphere and strongly believe in All work and all play culture.

Honesty and Integrity
Bhartiyneer are honest in our approach to business. We correspond openly and fairly, and our actions are consistent with our words.

Bhartiyneer continually look for improvements because there is always a better way of doing things. Innovation is beyond customers' expectations. Innovation is Bhartiyneer, its people, its direction, and its customers.

Open Communication
Open communication creates a positive corporate civilization and we encourage it.


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