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"Bhartiyneer did a superb job of designing and setting up Hotel the ummeid Web site. Throughout the process, everyone I deal with was pleasant, open-minded, and highly professional, and the result of their efforts was an attractive, useful site that fit my needs exactly."

Mr. Praveen Shelly
ED, Hotel the Ummeid

Corporate identity is the persona of a company and is of great value in establishing its brand identity. A corporate identity design is the first step to success and its professional significance cannot be overlooked in branding.

The corporate identity design infuses features, ideas, methods and techniques that any organization needs to differentiate itself. It discloses a communication style that is unique yet impressionable. It expresses your image to the audience and is a telltale about the vision and goals of your organization without any display.

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The Right Corporate Image

With growing competition it is important to have a good corporate image in order to create the right opinion in the target market. The right corporate image must be a combination of your company's history, values and philosophy as well as its capabilities. Bhartiyneer offers dynamic corporate identity design services which go a long way in enhancing the visibility of your company.

The Power of Vision

Bhartiyneer, a energetic corporate web design company where we help our customers come up with logos, visiting cards, letterheads, brochure, and envelope designs giving a value added touch to any brand image. Bhartiyneer ensure that your company's corporate identity goes a long way in establishing its brand image and taking your business to the next level.


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