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"Bhartiyneer did a superb job of designing and setting up Hotel the ummeid Web site. Throughout the process, everyone I deal with was pleasant, open-minded, and highly professional, and the result of their efforts was an attractive, useful site that fit my needs exactly."

Mr. Praveen Shelly
ED, Hotel the Ummeid

A web-based solution is the foundation of our services. Bhartiyneer present to there clients a complete range of professional yet reasonable web design and programming endeavor at powerful and effective appearance at the World Wide Web. Clients refer to us for high-class corporate website design, complex web programming solutions, advanced Flash presentations and logo development. But whatever we are working on, come together high quality with competitive prices remains our foremost priority. Our quality is fantastic and the value you get with Bhartiyneer is greater than you'll find anywhere else. The key to our level of quality lies in our understanding of 3 key ingredients for successful projects:

A Complete Design &
Production House


  • Ideas. Nothing is so worthy in the virtual world as ideas. We see them as the main object of our work. Only the best and most creative ideas have the right to be implemented, and that brings us to the second ingredient;
  • Implementation. We have an incredible degree of expertise and the most up-to-date technology - both of these enable us to execute on the highest of levels. In addition, we have an extensive number of team members whose knowledge we can draw on depending on the needs of any project;
  • Service. For the final ingredient, customer service, we find out what your needs and aims are and incorporate those in everything we do. To make your experience smooth and enjoyable, we assign a Project Manager who coordinates the project from start to finish including answering questions you may have, making changes as needed and overseeing the team members on our end. The bottom line is that we will continue working on your project until you are fully satisfied.



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